Stand United

June 09, 2020

As we are sure you will have all seen in the news and media, George Floyd, an unarmed black man, was killed while in police custody on 25 May in Minneapolis, America.
This devastating event has caused many to reflect and speak out about continuing injustice in our world. We want to do the same. We think it is important to maintain our community spirit and our celebration of diversity that we are so proud of at SJNC, even while we are away from school.


We understand that this is a challenging time for us all. We are a team. We stand united against racism and discrimination of any kind.
We have given you ideas in this video about how you could express your feelings creatively to bring about a positive change, for example through art, music or poetry. We encourage you to share your work with your Pastoral Leader, so that we can collaborate and share your ideas.


On Friday 12 June at 2pm, we are inviting you to join us in listening to music and standing united against racism and discrimination. More details on this are explained in the video.
Please remember that we are still here to listen and speak to you if you need our support, even if it is virtually. Please get in touch with your Pastoral Leader or your tutor if we can help in any way.


Speak up and speak out.
The Pastoral Team