First Aid

A First Aid Officer is available to deal with any emergency medical concerns that arise during the day.

They are available in the medical room during break time. In the case of a medical emergency, your child will need to report to student reception who will then contact the First Aid Officer. If your child is judged to be too unwell to remain at College, we will contact you (or another named person on the contact information you have given to us) and arrange for your child to be collected. It is important, therefore, that if you or any person you have given us details for change their address or telephone number, you let us know immediately. The College is unable to give pain killers. If your child is likely to need to take some during the day, they should carry two tablets with them as long as you can trust that they are safe to carry and take them independently.

Ongoing Medical Conditions

Please ensure that you have informed the College in writing about any health issues, changes in medical needs or concerns. Please do not rely on information automatically being transferred from the Primary Schools as on occasion there might be a delay in the transfer of files. Most children with medical needs can attend College regularly and take part in normal activities, sometimes with some support. However, staff may need to take extra care in supervising some activities to make sure that these children, and others, are not put at risk. Your child is allowed to bring medication into College. If your child requires medicines to be kept on site, please contact either the Senco Mary Hussein,  or the Lead First Aider, Poppy Slatcher, at the College. They will arrange to meet with you and produce a General Care Plan which requires your signature. We will ask you to provide full information about your child's medical needs, including details of medicines that they may require. All medication e.g. spare epi pens or spare inhalers should be handed in to the First Aid Officer for safe keeping. Please note the expiry date on any medication required to be stored on site and supply replacements as necessary in advance of expiration.