Library (Learning Resource Centre)

Research consistently points to the fact that students who read for pleasure get better outcomes at school. The LRC helps to create a culture where reading for pleasure is encouraged and celebrated more widely.

As well as providing a wide range of the most up-to-date literature, along with lots of classics, the LRC is keen to offer enrichment opportunities for students to showcase their talents and develop new ones. Each term, the LRC runs a range of competitions and activities to coincide with national events for example World Book Day, May Month of Maths, Chinese New Year, Science Engineering Week and religious festivals. In addition, students have taken part in the Summer Reading Challenge, Reading Rampage and the Carnegie Book Award. The LRC also welcomes visiting authors and poets. 

New arrivals to the Library are publicised through the daily student bulletin, and student recommendations are shared during tutor times and Library lessons in Year 7.



Students are encouraged to share their reading through The ReadInspiration blog. This blog has links to SJNC student reviews, comments, book trailers, author trailers and movie trailers.


Learning Resource Centre General Information


Years 7 – 9 are allowed to borrow

  • 1 Fiction book
  • 1 Non-fiction book
  • 1 DVD

Year 10 – 11

  • As above but they may borrow 2 fiction items.

Students are allowed to borrow resources for 2 weeks. Books and resources can be returned directly to the library or via one of the Drop Book boxes located in Main Reception or the Dining Hall.


Overdue Procedure

When books are overdue, parents will receive a text or notification encouraging them to remind their daughter to return the items she has borrowed. Students who fail to return items on time will also be spoken to by a senior member of staff.

Useful Information
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Love Reading 4 Schools
The Guardian - Children's Books Site
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Library Opening Times

Monday to Friday 8.15 am - 3.30 pm term time.