Homework is set in most subjects and as students move through their five years the amount set increases.  It may involve written work, preparation for project or group work, interviews or investigations.  Work is also differentiated according to student ability.

Homework Guidance


  • Year 7/8 students are expected to spend approximately 20 to 30 minutes per subject – often two or three subjects per evening
  • Year 9 - The time students spend on home learning is likely to increase, particularly in preparation for the end of Key Stage assessments
  • KS4 students (Years 10 and 11) are expected to spend approximately 45 minutes on  each subject – usually 2 to 3 subjects per evening

When students are due to sit examinations and assessments, revision will be set in preparation for these.

If, in exceptional circumstances, your child is unable to complete their homework on time, please write a brief note of explanation.

Teaching staff are expected to:

  • Set homework as appropriate
  • Monitor completion of homework and follow up students who have not met deadlines
  • Give feedback as soon as possible, either written or verbally

It may not be appropriate to set homework after every lesson. Occasionally, prior to major assessment and external exams, additional work will be set.

As parents, you can best help your child if you:

  • Ensure that all assignments are completed on time
  • Monitor your child’s homework through Beehive
  • Contact the College if there are problems with work set. Contact subject staff if there is a problem with a specific subject or your child’s tutor if problems are more widespread
  • Show an interest in your child’s homework by offering support if needed and by encouraging them to develop good study habits. For example, set aside a regular homework time in a working environment free from distractions.