Coronavirus Closure

Following government guidelines, Sir Jonathan North is now closed. Beauchamp College in Oadby will be open to children of key workers at Sir Jonathan North, Judgemeadow  and Brocks Hill Primary School who have registered for a place.

Your daughter will need to have these with her every day:

  • Two black pens, a green and a purple pen, a scientific calculator, pencils, rubber, a 30cm ruler, glue stick, felt tips, highlighters and pencil sharpener will be needed for many lessons.
  • A strong school bag in which to carry books and equipment.
  • Money for snacks or lunch to load onto her card (we are in the process of changing to an online system).


Equipments or Books to Buy

The following is a list of items that you will need to provide for your daughter, in addition to the basic essentials:

  • English – A thesaurus, highlighter, red, black and green biro pens, scissors and glue stick are essential items to use during lessons.
  • Mathematics – A pair of compasses, a protractor and a basic calculator.
  • Science – A basic calculator (same as for maths), green biro pen, coloured pencils and glue stick.
  • Humanities – Coloured pencil crayons, glue stick, red and green biro pens.
  • Expressive Arts – Students will need to bring their PE kit for dance lessons. An A3 sketchbook is essential and must be brought from the College for £4.50. This should last her for the majority of Key Stage 3. Pencils (2B and 4B), pencil eraser and pencil crayons are needed for Art.
  • Food Technology – Students will cook on alternate weeks. We provide ingredients for practical lessons at £2.00 per student. Students may bring all of their own ingredients into school for practical lessons. 
  • Textiles Technology – Students will complete two designs and make projects during each rotation. Materials (fabric, beads etc.) can be purchased from the school. Students can bring their own materials and components into school to use. We also provide some free materials to students from donations made by local companies.
  • Electronics – Students complete one project per rotation. Students need to purchase electronic components for their project work (circuit boards etc). In Year 7 this is £1.50 and Years 8 and 9 it is £3 - £5. 
  • Resistant Materials – Students complete three designs and make projects in Year 7 which cost £2 in total. In Years 8 and 9 students complete one longer project which costs £2 per student. Students can also purchase various components to embellish their projects.
  • PE Kit - A plain white t shirt or polo shirt, black shorts/tracksuit bottoms, white socks and sports trainers (pumps, Converse and Vans are not acceptable). A plain black sweatshirt (no zips or buttons). Thick black sports leggings only for aerobics/trampolining/gymnastics/health and fitness/fitness activities/dance are optional. Hair bands must be supplied by the students and hair should be tied back.