Letters and Forms

Letter Date
CGP Nov 2020
PHE - Letter for all parents  Sept 2020
Public Health England - Advice to All Parents Sept 2020
Parent and Carer Guide to Coronavirus Sept 2020
Weekly Update to Parents Sept 2020
Parent and Carer Guide to Coronavirus Sept 2020

Trip Refund Requests

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Sept 2020
Letter to Parents Sept 2020
Return to school parent letter  Aug 2020 
Beehive Launch Letter July 2020
Amendments to arrival time July 2020
Letter for Parents - End of term July 2020
KS3 school dress letter June 2020
Letter To Parents  June 2020
Letter To Parents  June 2020

Parent Guide to Houseparty

May 2020

Parent guide to Tik Tok

May 2020

Parent guide to Zoom

May 2020

Principal Letter for Wellbeing Pack

May 2020

Pupil and Parent Wellbeing Pack

May 2020
Parent-Guardian Online Radicalisation Information and Support (Leics) April 2020
Letter to parents  April 2020
Q and A-Rota April 2020
Welcome to Summer Term April 2020
Off School flyer April 2020
Letter to the Parents March 2020
How to Keep Busy Over Easter March 2020
Q and A Rota March 2020
Parent Closure and Home Learning March 2020
Support Sheet March 2020
COVID-19 Closure Letter March 2020
Cornonvirus Partial Closure March 2020
Welcome Back August 2019
Start of Term July 2019
Academy Conversion March 2019
Beehive Letter to Parents September 2019
Christmas Lunch Letter 2019
College Dress Clarification Letter June 2019
College Dress Code 2019
Coronavirus - Non-Exam Years 2020
Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award Selection Letter        
RE College Dress May 2019
PP FSM Music Letter       
Uniform September 2019
Letters for Year Groups
Year 7 Letters
Year 8 Letters
Year 9 Letters
Year 10 Letters
Year 11 Letters
Absence Request Form