March 10, 2023

Celebrating Success with the Leicester City Council 100 Species Art Competition!

Sir Jonathan North is celebrating the success of one of our Year 7 students, Alethea, who won a prize in the Leicester City Council ‘100 species art competition, last month. The competition, which was promoted by the school’s eco club and geography department, required students to draw, paint, or photograph a piece of British nature. 

The competition aimed to raise awareness about the importance of protecting local wildlife and to celebrate biodiversity in Leicester. Students were asked to showcase the beauty of British nature by capturing 100 different species of wildlife. 

We were thrilled to receive the news that one of our students, Alethea, had won a prize in the competition. Alethea’s artwork was praised for its creativity and attention to detail, as well as its ability to capture the essence of British nature. 

As a reward for her fantastic work, Alethea received an insect house and a book on British wildlife. The success of Alethea and the other students who entered the competition is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the eco club at Sir Jonathan North. The school is committed to promoting environmental awareness and encouraging its students to become active participants in the fight against climate change. 

The Leicester City Council ‘100 species art competition has provided an excellent opportunity for our students to showcase their artistic talents and their commitment to environmental conservation. We are proud of our students and we look forward to continuing its efforts to promote sustainability and biodiversity in the city.