March 09, 2023

Local Councillor visits Sir Jonathan North!

Sir Jonathan North Girls’ College had a special visitor last month, as Melissa March, the local councillor for Knighton, visited the school to speak with GCSE citizenship students. The aim of the session was to provide students with the opportunity to ask questions about democracy at a local level, as well as to discuss changes and challenges within their local area. 

During the visit, Melissa discussed current issues facing local government and the country, including how governments use budgets and the main differences between leading political parties. The students were also interested to hear from an ex-student who is working in politics. 

Melissa encouraged the students to engage in politics and explained why their voices are important. The students asked wonderful questions and raised some issues within the local area, including concerns about roads, litter and local facilities. 

Two of the students who attended the session shared their thoughts on the experience: “During councillor Melissa March’s visit to our school, she informed us of many changes within our local area and the challenges she faces as a councillor for Knighton. For example, we were told about budgets and inflation in our changing community and how she overcomes the challenges of her job. As students of a girl's school, we felt inspired at seeing a woman confident in her empowering position. She listened and responded to the issues that we raised regarding our local area. Overall, it was a useful experience as it helped us feel that we were an active part of our community and gave us confidence to take more action to improve the lives of local residents.” 

The visit from councillor Melissa March was a valuable opportunity for the students to learn more about the workings of local government and to engage in discussions about the challenges and changes within their local area. We would like to thank councillor Melissa March for taking the time to visit and speak with the students.