February 24, 2023

Student Diversity Ambassadors: Promoting Inclusion in Schools

Last year, Sir Jonathan North introduced Diversity Ambassadors who have the responsibility and privilege of acting as the voice for their fellow students regarding diversity and inclusion at school. They are also able to propose new ideas on how we can continue to celebrate diversity throughout the year.  

This year, each tutor group took part in a democratic voting process where students prepared and delivered a speech as to what diversity means to them and why they would be a suitable Diversity Ambassador. Consequently, one Diversity Ambassador was chosen from each tutor group. 

Following this, our Diversity Ambassadors wanted to capture the diverse makeup of our staff as a positive example to our students to encourage them to be proud of their characteristics and to celebrate their own backgrounds. Lots of staff joined in, taking photos of themselves and writing up self-profiles. These have been showcased on our diversity board which is proudly displayed in school for all to enjoy.  

We are proud of our ambassadors for creating this wonderful idea, and we can’t wait to see what ideas they come up with next!