Your child will need to have these with them every day:-

  • Two black pens, a green pen, a red pen and a purple pen.
  • A scientific calculator – we recommend the ‘Casio FX 83GTX’ (classwiz) model.
  • Pencils (2B and 4B), a rubber, a 30cm ruler, a glue stick, some felt tips/coloured pencils, highlighters and a pencil sharpener will be needed for many lessons.
  • A strong school bag in which to carry books and equipment.


Equipment &/or Books to Purchase

  • English – A mini dictionary and thesaurus (although not essential).
  • Mathematics – A pair of compasses and a protractor.
  • Expressive Arts – PE kit required for dance lessons. An A4 sketchbook is essential and can be bought from the College for £2.15 (Yr7) Art GCSE pack is £12.00
  • DT (Food Technology, Fashions & Textiles , Product Design) – Students will pay £5 per term and can pay through Beehive for items such as ingredients and materials for these lessons